Contract collaboration

Our contracting division achieved ISO44001 certification for collaborative working during the year. The standard started life as PAS 11000 collaborative business relationships, became a British Standard, BS 11000, in 2010 and has now evolved into an international standard to help organisations, large and small to build and develop effective competitive business relationships based upon a collaborative approach.

We work closely with our customers to help them deliver sustainability-based key performance indicators required both by their own organisations and their clients. Around 70 designers and architects attended a presentation by technical services manager James Branch on visual and sustainable concrete at a Concrete Centre event. The talk, which was part of a day’s programme of concrete-themed seminars at London’s Café Concrete, was followed by audience questions, including points around the use of Regen and Hanson Colourcrete. 

We are full corporate members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and participate in three groups – materials, horizon and infrastructure. The School is a collaboration between clients, contractors and suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the skills of their supply chain. We are also Gold Leaf members of the UK Green Building Council.

Target: To become a recognised leader in engaging with customers, suppliers, NGOs and industry bodies and developing collaborative working projects to promote sustainable products and services.